Monday, September 28, 2020

Weekend Recap

It’s Monday and we had such a great weekend.

We started bright and early on Friday with a cute little “helper” while I was getting ready.

Charlee Jo watched some Paw Patrol and basically tried to get away with being a monkey.

The weather was amazing! While Travis worked hard in the garage, these two enjoyed being outside.

“Dad, can you put one of those in the fridge for me that is just water....”

Because we didn’t see Dad enough, we needed to go visit him at work! Charlee Jo didn’t mind since he gave her the biggest package of fruit snacks she’s ever seen!

And Grandma Jo brought peanut butter cookies for Colson!

We enjoyed the best kind of dinner outside!

And then the boys had a movie night with “magic popcorn”!

On Saturday, I finished up a cake!

Colson headed to a birthday party!

And our friends took my Grandpa out on his jet boat! My grandpa used to run a jet boat on the river in Lewiston and had the best time. Mike made his day for taking him out!

And Peyton was able to go with them!

So happy he was able to go out. Hopefully he can go again in the spring!

And somebody couldn’t last...

We had a bbq when they got back and Colson requested a group picture! I’m so glad he did!

The perfect evening. Good friends + family.

I hope you had a great weekend!

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