Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Day in the Life

Happy Tuesday, friends! Now that we seem to be getting back to normal and Colson is back in school...I thought I’d share a day in the life. Last Thursday was the day.

The morning started earlier than expected...Charlee Jo was crying so I got up to get her back to sleep. I started my coffee since it was pointless to go back to bed.

This boy heard me so he joined me in the chair. He drank some apple juice and I drank my coffee while snuggling.

At 6:30, I headed into get ready for the day....

While he had his morning juice and watched Paw Patrol.
Every. Single. Morning.

Out of the shower...makeup done....time to fix my hair!


Breakfast for this boy...

While I made lunches...

And did the dishes that I left in the sink. I really hate leaving dishes in the sink but some nights I’m so tired, like last night!

Colson woke up and got himself ready and insisted on getting Charlee the second she started fussing.

There is no such thing as personal space with her two brothers!

Ready to go!

Walking to the bus stop!

After Colson got on the bus, Peyton and I stopped by Dad’s work so he could give Peyton some encouragement before Preschool.

Preschool drop off!

Charlee and I ran to the grocery store for supplies I needed for book club and of course a coffee!

Came home and made this tray for book club that was Thursday night because I knew I wouldn’t have time later in the day.

While sister played with all of her brother’s toys that they don’t share when they’re home! 

I also cleaned my floors while trying to contain the monkey.

Preschool pickup! Again with no personal space!

Drop off at Jo’s house! Peyton made an ant and couldn’t wait to show Jo!

And off to substitute teaching for me in my favorite grade.

At 4, I got off and headed to my mother in laws to pick up Peyton and Charlee. Peyton wanted to ride in the car so
Charlee just climbed through the window because she wanted to....

And she doesn’t see the problem! She’s a handful but we love her!

Then to my parents to drop off Charlee and Peyton! My dad had already picked up Colson from the bus stop!

I came home to my husband putting a keg in the fridge....

All ready for book club!

Everyone started arriving at 6!

At 9, I picked up the kids because Travis was still bowling. So late for them. The kids are normally in bed between 7:30-8:30, but on this particular day is was crazy!

Goodnight boys!

Face washed, teeth brushed, and headed to bed myself! Light out were about 10:30.

This was a good day, just busier than normal.

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