Tuesday, September 1, 2020

#joceveryday2020 Weeks 32, 33, & 34

 This is my FINAL catch-up post for my #joceveryday2020  pictures!

Day 214: my best friend got married.

Day 215: huckleberry loving girl! The kiddos spent the weekend in Cascade and returned home tired and dirty after living their best lives on GG and Papa Les's mountain.

Day 216: blue eyed beauty!

Day 217: something I never thought I'd enjoy doing...I do love making my 7 year old happy!

Day 218: the boys had special viewers for swimming lessons tonight! They love any opportunity to see GG and Papa Les!

Day 219: my morning buddy. He's up with the sun and keeps me company until his brother and sister wake up.

Day 220: 3 friends + 7 kids between us + countless memories. Everybody loves Korri and we're grateful she makes time to spend with us when she's in town!

Day 221: I came home late to find a couple cuties snuggled up in my bed!
Home truly is the best when it's shared with the people you love and look forward to coming home too.

Day 222: my favorite three year old + my favorite jammies + his favorite Doggy.

Day 223: no wonder they never want to come home. Fun times at Papa Kim and Grandma Jo's house!

Day 224: one of his favorite things is making his Dad a coffee...so they can share it!

Day 224: Papa Jeff stopped by and got a lesson on coding...

Day 225: the perfect day for a play date with Hallie!

Day 226: making cake while our kids run circles around us!

Day 227: we had one last visit with Korri before she leaves for the summer at Lovely Hollow Farm!

Day 228: slam dunk!

Day 229: another ultrasound and urology appointment for Charlee this morning and it's all great news! We don't have to go back for 6 months!

Day 230: never mind the puddle of water on the floor, the giggles form this girl were over the top. Peek-a-boo with her brother entertained her for a solid 15 minutes!

Day 231: Colson asked if he could spend his 30 minutes of reading time, reading to his sister! He's so good to her!

Day 232: we took a trip to Dutch today and they messed up Colson's order...he wasn't mad about it!

Day 233: today was full of legos and magnatiles, my favorite kind of day!

Day 234: GG gave Charlee Jo the whipped cream and she couldn't be happier!

Day 235: these two had a bubble gum blowing contest! Fun times with GG!

Day 236: back to school night with our SECOND grader! We're excited Colson gets to be in Mrs. Pollard's class! It's going to be a great year!

Day 237: it's Pumpkin Spice Season!

Day 238: girl's night at Lovely Hollow Farms. 

Have the BEST day!

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