Monday, August 31, 2020

Weekend Top 10

Happy Monday, friends!
We had the best weekend and it was so busy!

Friday we started off with coffee and donuts!
Charlee Jo doesn’t like donuts so she had a pumpkin scone.

We went to the park and had a picnic with friends!

Sister had really started to cheese when the camera comes out and it’s the cutest thing!

Papa stopped by after work and helped build some LEGOs with Colson on Friday.
This boy loves to build LEGOs and enjoys time with Papa!

Friday night we had a family dinner with Travis's side of the family and this was the only picture I took. Peyton had the best time playing catch and wrestling with Uncle Tony all night!

The kids and I ran to Boise with my mom on Saturday and Charlee Jo had the best seat strolling through TJ Max! 

Packed and headed home! 

Sometimes as a Mom you'll try anything for some peace and quiet...
These two were fighting and complaining so I told them if they made it home without saying a word, I'd split the $10 and give it to them.....I lost $10! I thought there was no way they could do it!

These two playing baseball in the house and waking Charlee Jo up was a highlight for them!

I went to this beautiful bride's wedding! It was a beautiful night...

and I got to see some friends!

It was such a fun night!

Meanwhile these kiddos were hanging out with Nana and Papa when GG and Papa Les showed up! 
GG is the life of the party and this kids had FUN!

A tradition that is quickly becoming my favorite is our back to school dinner. This year we needed to shift things around to make it work because of busy schedules so we had a back to school breakfast instead. We had it Sunday morning and it was so fun!

Charlee Jo helped me make breakfast!

And this boy loved it!

Sunday night we celebrated Papa Les who is turning 90 this week!

GG and Papa Les with all of their great grandkids!

These two are buddies!

I hope you had a great weekend!
If you’re sending your kiddos to school today, I hope they have a great first day!

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