Thursday, September 24, 2020

#joceveryday2020 {Week 28}

It’s Friday eve and we have a busy day ahead of us! But first, I’m sharing my daily pictures from the week!

#joceveryday2020 Day 260: I hope she always enjoys cooking! For now we’re eating whatever she whips up and it’s soooooo good!

#joceveryday2020 Day 261: it’s homecoming and the Webb’s are ready! Let’s go Huskies! 🏈💙

#joceveryday2020 Day 262: four generations 💕

#joceveryday2020 Day 263: Charlee Jo is full of new tricks, climbing on everything and into everything. She’s ending the weekend with a bruise on her forehead and I’m so glad that’s all it is! Girl is keeping me on my toes!

#joceveryday2020 Day 264: we have a couple extra “people” hanging around our front porch!
I’m not a fan of Halloween but my kiddos were so excited when they saw the Halloween decorations today.

#joceveryday2020 Day 265: I’m going to be sad when he outgrows onesie pajamas.

#joceveryday2020 Day 266: life is more fun with cousins. Built in best friends.

Have a great Thursday!

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