Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Distance Learning

Today I thought I'd share some of the things we're doing at home to continue learning. This will be day three of distance learning. Colson's teacher doesn't have anything specific for him until April 12th. However, I wanted to get into a routine before that. I searched the internet and thanks to Instagram and Pinterest, I found so many resources.

First up, Curriculum Associates, has amazing resources that you can print off for reading and math. I printed both off for Colson in the first grade curriculum. The math has been really easy for Colson. It goes with what they have already been learning so it's nice that I'm not really teaching new concepts. 

The reading curriculum requires him to read a passage and answer questions. I love that it has a comprehension piece. He is able to read the passage himself with very little help from me. I make him read aloud so I can hear how he's pronouncing the words and listening to his fluency. 

 I also have him read to me for 30 minutes while the babies go down for a nap. This is the biggest struggle. He doesn't love reading to me. 

The weather has been horrible this week so I've pulled my car out of the garage and let the kids run wild in the garage! They've loved it and they can be as loud as they want.

They set up a theater for Charlee and I to come watch a play. It was cute and they worked well together to get it put together. Charlee enjoyed it!

Colson put on a magic show and we FaceTimed GG and Papa Les so they could also watch!

Cosmic Kids Yoga has been fun for them. We've also done a few Go Noodle videos.

After reading Andrea's post, I printed off these cute bunnies and Colson and I just colored them with markers. I plan on hanging them up for Easter.

I hope this gives you a few ideas. I know for us we'll start curriculum from the school in a couple weeks so this just helps us have a schedule until then!

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