Friday, April 3, 2020

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This week has been weird! With Coronavirus, distance learning, and then an earthquake on Tuesday, I’m sure 2020 will be a year that we’ll never forget. 

I’m sharing my favorites from the week. Surprisingly, I have several. I think being at home with my kids is a challenge. The weather has been less than ideal, which means we’re stuck inside. However, I’m so thankful I have the opportunity to be at home with them. We get to make memories together and I’m praying that they will look back on this time and remember the good. And that my friends, is my job!

To start off our favorites from the week are these Biscoff cookies! They are everyone’s new FAVORITE in this house! I’m going to share the recipe next week and if you like Biscoff cookies, you’re going to want to these!

Charlee Jo and I listened in on a live call with the founder/ ceo of BeautyCounter. I truly love this company and being apart of it is my FAVORITE. I get to use products that I love, share the benefits with the people I love, and do better for my daughter!

This lunch this week was my FAVORITE! I had some leftover shrimp from dinner on Sunday so I threw together a corn salsa and some avocado. It was so good!

Finishing up this plate from last summer with the boy’s footprints is my FAVORITE! I started a new one with all three kid’s feet but I don’t have a lot of motivation anymore.

Rides on Peyton’s Chase car are Charlee’s FAVORITE!

Watching Colson play with things and build things has been fun. He built towers with cups for about an hour and tried to balance different objects on top.

Magnatiles have been on heavy rotation lately and they’re a FAVORITE toy because they encourage imagination!

This girl is into everything and my FAVORITE part is watching how excited she gets once she’s discovered something new. I mean, look at that tongue!

Colson’s hair was out of control and his new haircut is my FAVORITE! He looks so much older, which isn’t my FAVORITE!

This girl loves her pacifier. One in her mouth and one in her hand because they’re her FAVORITE! And she can't be without. Taking those away are going to be so much fun in a few months!

Travis brought me home a diet Vanilla Coke with chewy ice after a long day which made him my FAVORITE person ever. Kidding, he’s always my FAVORITE! 

While Peyton was napping one afternoon this week, I hear Colson in his room. I thought he was playing. During nap time, Colson has to have "quiet time" and keep himself busy for an hour before we do something together. I didn't think twice until I heard the vacuum! Walking into a clean room while he's vacuuming was my FAVORITE!

Ending the nights snuggled up on the couch watching a movie as a family is my FAVORITE!

This kiddo climbs everything, and his favorite thing to climb are my cabinets!

My favorite mug is on repeat lately...

The Solly wrap has came out because Mama is sister’s favorite and I still need to get things done like dinner!

Momfessionals Mini Cadbury Egg Cupcakes were a favorite this week. I’m not a fan of the eggs but everyone else in the house loves them!

The snuggles from this girl are my favorite. We’re changing up her schedule and it’s been rough. Dropping a nap is hard. Also, sister took her first steps yesterday and it’s way too soon. Such a big girl!

This view out my kitchen window is my favorite. Travis works hard all day and I know he’s tired but he’s such a great Dad. 

I hope you all had a great week! I’m glad it’s Friday so Travis will be home for a couple days. We don’t have anything planned, just let everyone else! 

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Joanne said...

We made Biscoff cookies of our own last year when I bought some spread from Amazon and I just LOVED them. Yours look delicious!!