Friday, March 6, 2020

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! It's almost noon and I'm fighting a sinus infection but today has already been such a great day! I'm listening into our BeautyCounter Lead today and feeling so inspired!

Here's some favorites from our week!

First up...cakes! These two cakes are from this week and of course make the FAVORITES list.
The Biscoff cake was for a friends birthday and she brought me a piece to try! It is so good!

I also made this cake this week. It was a fun cake to decorate!

This sunshine is all of out FAVORITE! Sister experienced grass for the first time this week and was so happy to be in the grass and the sunshine!

Grandma Jo even enjoyed the sunshine this week with the kiddos!

I've been following along with Gygi this week. They are having a cleanup the kitchen challenge and it's been fun to clean the spaces that are too easily forgotten about in the kitchen.

This week is BeautyCounter's seventh birthday and to celebrate they released these fun bold lipstick colors for spring. There has been a lot of fun in the Beautycounter world this week! Being apart of that community is my favorite!

Eating is this girl's favorite! Mac N' Cheese is one of her favorite things!

My favorite baker released a cookie with Chip this month so we had to try it out.
My favorite kiddos waiting for their cookies...




Then we met some friends for an afternoon of fun!

Running, jumping, and climbing to burn off energy.

Love these three boys!

She knows that if she hangs around him while he's eating, he will share. Their relationship is my favorite. They are going to be so close.

Peyton went out to "help" his Dad. I caught this picture. His dad is his favorite person and he wants to be with him 100% of the time. It's the cutest!

We've had a great week and we're gearing up for a full weekend!

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