Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Charlee Jo // 9 Months

Our sweet girl is nine months old! I've started to plan her first birthday celebration...too soon??? I just can't believe we're here already.

We don't have her nine month appointment until closer to 10 months. Her doctor wanted to wait until after her urologist appointment so we don't have any official numbers as far as weight and height goes. But she's still a little peanut!

What's New
  • teeth: we're still at just two teeth. however, teething is in full force over here. everything goes into the mouth and we have drool everywhere.
  • crawling and all the things: very fast. pulling up onto everything. standing up while supported. she can stand unsupported for a second. walking while pushing something. she wants to walk on her own so bad.
  • naps: she takes one short nap in the morning still. we're going to be dropping this soon. she takes a longer nap in the afternoon. this allows me time in the afternoon for me since she naps at the same time as her brother.
  • nighttime: it's hit or miss. she will wake up so mad if she can't find her pacifier. she screams at the top of her lungs. other nights she sleeps all night long. we never know what we're going to get!

food: i basically give her whatever we're eating. she loves food that she can feed herself. she will feed herself a puree but the second she gets food she no longer wants it. trav and i went to Panda Express the other day and she was eating some puffs until i gave her some chow mein. she no longer wanted puffs.

  • sam's water bowl: why is this her FAVORITE thing to play in? every time we're at my in-law's house, she goes for the water bowl. such a mess. 
  • bath time: FAVORITE. this past weekend, travis turned on the water so peyton could take a bath. she was on the floor in the kitchen but the second she heard the water she raced into the bathroom. when travis didn't put her in, she screamed and was so mad!  

  • size: she's still in size 3 diapers. she is finally in 6-9 month clothes. such a little peanut. 

 9 month photo dump


We love our sweet girl! 

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