Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Weekend on a Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, friends! Today I'm sharing about our weekend. Monday was Peyton's birthday so we're off schedule this week. Our weekend was full of good stuff!

Friday morning we went to Albertson's and Old Navy with Nana to finish up a shower gift.
Breakfast was AMAZING!

 Friday afternoon, I went into Colson's class and had his Christmas party that was cancelled.

I love being in his class with him. 

Friday night I met a friend for dinner and had the best time! Three hours of talking and catching up.

And....I came home to this!

Saturday morning started early. He snuggled up to watch Paw Patrol but he needed his sunglasses to help him see.

My mom and I went to my sister-in-laws baby shower and I gave her this blanket that I found on Etsy. My brother is a fire fighter so I loved this personalized gift.

Mom and I went for a margarita after!

 My in-laws are building a shop and the boys were in heaven with all the high things!

 We stayed for finger steaks and fries because my mother-in-law is the best at making them!
The kids played and Charlee was Peyton's baby...

There is nothing better than finding your kiddo reading, all on his own!

The boys made a snowman on Sunday afternoon!

And we celebrated our THREE year old!

He requested cereal for dinner and a Paw Patrol cake so we just went with it!

We had a large variety of cereal to choose from...

Along with fruit, yogurt, and granola.

I also picked up some cereal bars just to go along with the theme.

He was so happy with this fruit and his cereal!

There is nothing better than a 3 year old opening presents. Every single present is just what he always wanted! I love the excitement. 

Peyton got a Mac dump truck and was in heaven driving around.

Charlee was just excited about all the wrapping paper!

Singing to the birthday boy! 

His party was so fun! The rest of the evening was spent playing with all the new toys.

I hope y'all are staying warm and cozy and enjoying your week!

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