Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Gift that Gives All Year Long

This year for Christmas, we wanted to give Colson an experience instead of more toys that would only be played with for a month and then take up space in the closet. I follow Kailee Wright on Instagram and she talked about date night cards. I knew that this would be the perfect gift. I changed it to fit what would work best for us. He's still talking about all the "dates" he gets to go on this year!

I love that this will keep us motivated to spend one on one time with him each month. That's something we love to do, but with three kids, it can be a challenge sometimes.

Some of his gifts are big experiences that he's been talking about and some are very simple.

+ An afternoon at Dave and Busters.
+ BSU Men's Basketball game
+ BSU Football game
+ Boise Hawk's Baseball game
+ Ice Cream with Mom or Dad
+ Go to Hobby Lobby, pick a craft, spend the afternoon crafting 
+ A day at Roaring Springs
+ Dinner and miniature golf 
+ Shooting with Dad
+ Dinner and a movie
+ Bowling
+ Game night

These are all things that he loves or has asked to do. I love that this gift will last all year long.

I can't recommend this gift enough. If your kid has a birthday coming up this would be such a fun gift for them (and you)! Who doesn't love one on one time!

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