Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Pictures in 2019

We had our family pictures taken back in November of last year. I never showed them or sent out Christmas cards with them so you may have seen a few on Instagram. I love these pictures but I feel like we are in a weird stage with pictures. No one has a real smile, no one wants to stand still and look at the camera, no one wants to wear what I picked out for them. It's basically just for me and I'm so thankful we have a photographer with a lot of patience. 

I love how she captured the boys' personalities.

 Gosh, I love him.

At the last minute Travis told her to take a couple of me and Charlee and I'm so glad she did! Do you think we can recreate these pictures every year until....forever!?

And one more because big brother really wanted one with sister.

Charlee turned six months old and I was at a loss for what to do. Ashley, our photographer, suggested matching Christmas pajamas with all three kids and I'm so glad! I love them!!!

 I decided I wasn't going to send out Christmas cards this year due to how expensive they are and last minute I sent out New Year cards because I loved this next picture so much!

I picked up this book at Walmart for $5, and it was perfect. Another picture that I wouldn't mind recreating as they grow.

Christmas cookies in mom and dad's bed...is there anything better!?

I don't know how many more years I will be able to convince Colson to wear matching pajamas with his siblings so I'll treasure these forever!

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