Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Let's Look at...You Bedside Table!

It's LET'S LOOK with Shay and Erika today!

Once a month, they host a link up where they look at different aspects of our lives. Most of these topics aren't ones I would normally blog about so it's a fun change.

So today, we're looking at...our BEDSIDE TABLE.

This is pretty boring. Both Travis and I keep the minimal amount of things as possible on our nightstands. We both have a lamp, an alarm clock, and a picture! We also charge our phones here at night. Everything else is in a drawer or somewhere else.

I have a few more things on mine. I always keep the book that I'm currently reading out so it's easy to grab and if I see it, I'm more likely to read it. I also have the monitor so I can hear Charlee in the middle of the night. #momlife 

We both have a favorite picture on our nightstands.

I feel like I need this area to be as clean and simple as possible. It's the first place I see in the mornings and the last thing I see before bed.

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