Monday, August 19, 2019

Last Weekend of Summer

I can't believe that school starts this week. I know that a lot of kids have already returned to school. I'm so looking forward to routine at our house and school brings that! This weekend was relaxed and we didn't do much to document. It was nice to have a chill weekend before the crazy of this week!

On Friday, we started our weekend with coffee!!!

Colson and I dropped off the littles and headed to Boise. We picked up Nana and had a full day of school clothes shopping! We didn't agree on most things....he wanted all things super hero and I wanted all the collard shirts. We compromised and he came home with a some of each! We had the best day with just Colson!

Saturday was spent at home. Sister and I sat on the front porch while the boys played most of the afternoon before naps!

AND...sister rolled over for the first time! She went from tummy to back. As soon as she did it, we all cheered and then she cried because we scared her!

We ended the night with three dirty kids in the bath. One of which didn't want his picture taken! 

Sunday we headed to church and listened to the best sermon. We're studying Ephesians right now, which is one of my favorites! Colson was over the moon since he got to wear a new school shirt and Peyton was thrilled to wear a hand-me-down from his brother! It was a great Sunday!

I hope you all had the best weekend! We are a little bit more prepared for the crazy this week will bring and the beginning of school! Happy Monday, friends!

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