Friday, July 5, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!! Y'all, this week has me all messed up! I thought Wednesday was Friday all day long and now here we are at Friday again! If only the 4th of July could fall on Friday every year and get dark at 9:00 pm so we could go to bed at a normal time!? 

Anyways, I'm sharing some Friday favorites with you all today!

So, I'll start out with saying that grocery shopping with three kids is NOT my FAVORITE! Normally, I wear Charlee in my Solly wrap while shopping but she was asleep so I thought for sure we could quickly get in and out so I didn't need to wake her...lesson learned!

This picture of Peyton after swimming lessons is my FAVORITE! I've never seen a cuter dog!

Being outside and playing is the boy's FAVORITE! I normally don't let them take toys from inside, outside, but I want to encourage as much time outside as possible!

Root-beer floats are one of our FAVORITE treats!

We celebrated Heidi's 30th birthday and Peyton's FAVORITE part was the party hat!

And Charlee's FAVORITE was all the attention she was getting!

Everyday this girl changes and grows. She is starting to smile and and show some expression, which is my FAVORITE!!!

Also....ruffles on the booty, all comfy in our bed!!!  

I went to pick up the boys from my in-laws house and Peyton was "helping" Taylor wash all of Papa Kim's equipment! Taylor and Papa Kim's equipment are Peyton's FAVORITE so he was in heaven until I told him we were going home...  

And his FAVORITE spot while I'm feeding his sister...don't mind the blankets that were folded nicely! Peyton has done such a great job adjusting to having a baby sister, but he never is far away!

I hope y'all had a great week! We enjoyed the day off to spend with family and friends! We are just continuing the fun throughout the weekend. Happy Friday, friends!

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