Monday, June 24, 2019

Weekend in the Mountains

Our Friday consisted of a lot of snuggles. Travis came home and told us that his chair wasn't made for four people! These little people seem to think otherwise. It never takes long for them to find me.

They wouldn't stop touching her. Both of them want to be close and holding her hand. Colson told me that Charlee is lucky because she will always have big brothers that love her. It instantly brought tears to my eyes. I blame it on the hormones but I would probably have cried anyways!

While Charlee and Peyton took their afternoon naps, Colson and I were busy in the kitchen. We made blueberry muffins and banana bread to take to the cabin. He's such a great helper in the kitchen!

Peyton went up to Cascade a day early with my parents. When they got to the cabin, Peyton insisted that Papa Les color with him. My grandpa will be 89 this year. How blessed are my kids that they still get to make memories like this with their great grandparents? It's a treasure. 

My grandparents put up a new swing for the kids and they LOVED it!

Travis and I got away for a couple hours to golf with my parents. The course was beautiful. I enjoyed riding around since I'm not released to golf from my doctor yet.

My favorite golfing partner!

It was so relaxing. I read most of the time.

What's a trip to the mountains without s'mores!?

I've always said this is one of my very favorite views!

Sunday morning, the boys went fishing! Travis, Papa Kim, Taylor, and Colson and Peyton all went out on the boat but only had luck catching one fish.

We had such a great weekend with family! I hope you all had a fun weekend!

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