Friday, June 21, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! We have been so busy this week! June is full of activities for the boys and it has made the month go very quickly. It's hard to believe that we only have one week of June left.

Today, I'm sharing a very short list of favorites from the week! Although we've been busy, I haven't taken very many pictures!

Colson has been practicing his reading. One night this week, he read a book to Charlee, Peyton, and I before bed! Listening to him practicing reading is my favorite. I hope he grows up and enjoys reading.

Colson participated in VBS this week at church. He loved it but I didn't get a single picture! While he was at VBS one day, Peyton, Charlee, and I went to visit Nana at her work.

My favorite thing is when the boys actually play together and get along! I was cleaning and organizing and before I broke down all the boxes to throw them away, the boys were building towers with them before knocking them over. They had the best time!

Meanwhile, little sister was napping in the same room and didn't seem to mind all the noise!
My favorite way that babies sleep! Colson used to love to sleep on his belly with his legs pulled up under him.

The boys do a great job of playing and getting along, however, they are brothers which means they fight and argue with each other. Yesterday, they wouldn't stop fighting so I made them hug for two minutes! It's my new favorite way to discipline, but they both thought I was so mean!

Another favorite activity for the boys is stacking cups. They've spent hours this week stacking them and knocking them down!

Colson's favorite thing to do is hold Charlee. The boys is the biggest help. He can bring me things or just hold her so I can have two minutes to make lunch or do whatever I need to. He really is a great big brother!

Peyton's favorite thing to wear is the hat that his Dad gave him. He refused to take it off to nap and it wasn't worth the fight. When I went into check on him, he still (kinda) had it on and was sound asleep. I really hate how quickly they grow up. 

Since I graduated, I have had time to actually read. The best part, I enjoy it! I haven't read nearly as much as I thought I would but my goal is to pick up my book instead of my phone when I have a moment to myself!

I hope you all have had a great week! We're looking forward for some much needed family time this weekend. I love being home with the kids, but we love when we get to spend time with Dad too!

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