Thursday, June 27, 2019

A Day in the Life of Us {06/19/19}

It's a Day in the Life of Us...with a newborn!

Adding another baby to the family makes our schedule look so different! I love reading these posts on other blogs, so I thought I'd share what our days look like this summer. Last Wednesday, I documented our day. It was busier than a normal summer day but still revolved around Charlee.

Charlee was up at 6 for a bottle.

I got some coffee, made a bottle, and sat in the chair for her feeding.

She went back down so I had time to get ready for the day. A shower, make-up and hair!

 Then, I got the boys dressed and ready for the day!

Breakfast for the boys was cereal and milk!

I knew it was going to be a crazy day so I put dinner in the slow cooker!

We went into wake sister up. Normally we let her sleep until around nine but we had to be in Eagle at nine so we had to wake her up.

While I fed Charlee, the boys read next to us. They are always close by!

Loaded up and headed to drop Colson off at VBS!

After dropping Colson off we stopped at Dutch Bros and Peyton and I have mutual feelings about it!

Nana has been asking me to bring Charlee to her office so we stopped by.

We still had some time before we needed to pick Colson up so we made a quick Walmart run! Petyon in the cart and I was wearing Charlee. That's how we do any store!

We have brother back!

Peyton fell asleep and I was able to transfer him into his bed without waking him. Then it was time to feed sister again! She eats at noon everyday so it was a little later than normal.

When I went in later to check on Peyton, he was awake and snuggling his lion!

We had a later lunch than normal since Peyton took an early nap.

Dishes and cleaning up the kitchen after lunch. 

Then we had tummy time for sister. The boys wouldn't get out of her face!

I decided to organize this mess of a closet since everyone was playing and happy in Charlee's room.

Meanwhile...little miss fell asleep on the floor.

We moved the party into the hallway. Stacking cups and knocking them over on repeat!

Dinner was ready and we had a visitor stop by so Colson and Peyton ate dinner with Papa!

While they ate, I finished making a strawberry pie with strawberries that were going bad. I love having fruit but we never eat it all before it goes bad! I hate wasting food, so I made a pie!

Travis left to go golfing so I showered the boys, got them in their jammies, and let the watch a movie with popcorn in the living room while....

I cut and colored my aunt's hair!

While it processed, I finished up some laundry!

Everyone left, the boys went to bed, Charlee got ready for bed, and Travis got home.
Travis, Charlee, and I watched the Rockies game.

This was a late night but in bed by 11:00!

That's a day in the life of us!


Lindsay C said...

You are a Jane of ALL trades! I know you got your degree is teaching but from what I understand you aren't teaching right now. Do you plan to go into teaching once your daughter is a little older? Also, where did you learn to cut and color hair? I just moved and I am in this terrible space of having to find a new hair dresser, a new place to get my car detailed, and where the best place to get coffee is ... so so much to figure out!

Jocelynn Webb said...

I was planning on teaching this fall but was surprised with our little girl! So, I’m going to stay home for awhile with our kids while I have the opportunity! I’m so excited I get to stay at home but I’m also looking forward to teaching someday. :) I went to cosmetology school 8 years ago and I’ve kept my license but only do a small handful of family still. It’s not something I ever enjoyed. Finding a new hair dresser is so hard, especially once you’ve had a great one! I hope you get settled soon!