Thursday, April 11, 2019

Life Update: Student Teaching

Happy Thursday, friends!

First day!

I'm officially done with student teaching. It was truly a great experience. I was placed with my number one pick for school and host teacher. The classroom was full of 24 amazing third graders!

Western Governors University only requires us to teach two full weeks during the 12 week placement. However, my host teacher allowed me to take full responsibility after three weeks. I was able to teach for seven full weeks! I can't imagine learning everything I did, with only two weeks of teaching!

She trusted me to come prepared and take over the classroom. It was so scary at first and by the end, I felt like I could handle it. She let me "figure it out" because there were times things don't go as you plan. She gave me the best advice to just go with it. Don't get so wrapped up in lesson plans and they way you wanted things to go. There were times when our entire weeks lesson plan was changed and I learned to just go with it! 

My host teacher instilled so much confidence in me and helped me to be successful during my time with her. She helped me grow and gave me the greatest advice. She has been teaching for 16 years but continues to evolve as a teacher. I can't say enough amazing things about her and the experience she gave me.

As for the students, it's amazing what kind of a bond you can create in just a short 12 weeks. Leaving them was so hard! I loved getting to know each one of them. We had a movie and root beer float party on my last day of teaching! They may not realize it, but they helped me grow and learn how to be a teacher. I'm so thankful for them!

I'm sad to be done student teaching, but thankful to be back home with my boys!

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