Friday, April 12, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!

This week I was back home with my boys! I love being home with them. It was a weird feeling, not having to be at the school when I woke up Monday morning. 

Today, I'm joining Narci and Andrea to bring you FRIDAY FAVORITES!

First up, I've been spending more and more time in Charlee's room and this little boy always seems to find me. Always having him close by is my FAVORITE for sure. I love that he just brought his toys in and started playing. I can see him doing this a lot as I nurse his little sister!

I put the boys to bed on Monday night and Travis got up to check on them. Pretty soon, all three came out because Travis told them they could come and snuggle for awhile. Snuggles from my boys will always be my FAVORITE!

Since I'm back home, Colson catches the bus at the end of our lane again. On Tuesday it was pouring rain so we drove to the end of the lane to wait for the bus. Mornings are certainly not Colson or I's FAVORITE and probably never will be. But, we've made it to the bus both mornings this week...on time, so I'm calling it a win! 

Tuesday night I made pork chops and potatoes from Andrea's blog and they were delicious! A family FAVORITE for sure!

We are experiencing a lot of rain and with the amount of melting snow in the mountains, there is a lot of flooding happening in our area. On Tuesday night, we took a drive to see our damn. The boys thought the water was so cool! 

A couple of our FAVORITE people joined us!

On Wednesday, I subbed for the day. When we got home I sat down in the recliner and both boys came running. These moments are my FAVORITE. I know that pretty soon, Colson will be too "cool" to snuggle his Mama. We watched a show and then they were off and running again.

For Christmas, we gave Colson some new tools and then some kits to build. This week, Dad and Colson spent some time together building his pirate ship. The excitement from Colson was my FAVORITE! I love watching Travis bond with Colson in different ways.

Happy Friday, friends! I'll see you back here on Monday!

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