Thursday, April 25, 2019

Hair Care: Favorites

I thought I'd share my favorite hair products and tools today. I get asked frequently what I use on my hair but I've never shared here on the blog. I keep things fairly simple and don't use much!

I tend to switch my shampoo and conditioner each time I run out, however, this is my favorite and I always come back to it. I like using something for volume. Purology is also a favorite but it is more expensive and I seem to get the same results when I'm using Redken.

Once a week, I like to wash my hair with purple shampoo and conditioner and Joico is my current favorite. The purple shampoo helps keep the brass/yellow out of my blonde. This one smells good too, which is really important, especially while pregnant!

Kenra Volume Spray 25 is my favorite hairspray. It's the only hairspray I've used for about 8 years. I only use a very small amount after I style my hair. It isn't a strong hold but it's build-able so I can spray more for more hold. A bottle will last me 6 months or more. I don't remember the last time I bought hairspray.

I found my favorite dry shampoo last year and hate when I have to buy it. It's the most expensive product I use on my hair but worth every penny. I usually wash my hair every two days, but I've been able to go four days when using this. 

My favorite shower cap plays a big role into not having to wash my hair everyday. It is terry lined and fits tight to my head to keep water out. It's less than $10 at Ulta and worth it if you want to go more than one day of not washing your hair.

I picked up this brush from BathPack and love it! It glides through my hair and gets all the tangles out! 

These hair ties are my favorite and they are only $5! They don't leave creases in my hair which help with day two hair. I sleep with one every night. I can't attest to how they hold when working out, because I don't workout, but I would imagine they would be great!

I always use a 3/4 inch Hot Tools curling iron when I curl my hair. When I straighten my hair I use my GHD 1 inch straightener. I've never been able to get amazing curls using my straightener, so I use two different tools. 

I'm sad to report that after nine years my favorite blow dryer stopped working and I had to replace it. I had a Paul Mitchell dryer that I loved so I replaced it with another Paul Mitchell dryer. It does a great job and cuts down on drying time which is what I find important!

That's it! Like I said, I like to keep it simple and quick! 

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