Friday, April 26, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This week has seemed so long! My to do list has been a mile long all week with appointments several days. We’ve had some FAVORITE moments throughout our week though!
First up, hair day is always my FAVORITE! I love my hairdresser and I always love getting freshened up. I went blonder for summer and I love the change.

Travis has been amazing and so helpful with the nursery. He had it repainted a few weeks ago. And my FAVORITE has been spending evenings in there while he hangs everything up! It’s so girly and fun!

One of our FAVORITE people is getting ready to head back to Germany so we met her at the Village and thefountain was this boy’s FAVORITE! He was so thrilled when he was able to toss in a few coins.

I have no idea why there were dinosaurs, but Peyton walked right up and said cheese so I took their picture! 

This boy is my FAVORITE! I love that he’ll still take a picture with me!

I took down the bunnies, and a blank chalkboard is one of my FAVORITE things.

Meanwhile, this boy played train while I got busy drawing! 

Lunch outside and my FAVORITE salad from a local restaurant is high up on my FAVORITES list this week! We’ve been eating outside almost every meal this week and I’m not complaining!

My FAVORITE is when my kids aren’t tired but they can’t even sit up to blow bubbles!

The boys and I went to cheer on my nephew play Lacrosse this week and I packed them dinner! Picnics aretheir FAVORITE and I thought we had plenty of food for the two of them. After they finished this off, they both told me they were hungry about 184739 more times! #boymom

This picture cracks me up! It was really sunny so he stole my sunglasses and this might be my FAVORITE picture from the week!

I hope you all had a great week! We’re off on another busy day full of appointments and errands. We have a baby shower, fishing, family dinner, and I’m sure a few more things on our agenda for the weekend!! 

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