Wednesday, March 27, 2019

What's Up Wednesday {03/27/19}

Today I'm linking up for What's Up Wednesday and I'm wondering where the heck March went. I can't believe we're almost to April. Baby month is approaching rather quickly.

It must be the nice weather, but we've been enjoying ice cream! The boys and their Dad never turn it down! I still can't eat it, it makes me sick while pregnant. However, the boys are eating their fair share.

Grandma Jo and I took the kids on our annual spring break trip to the zoo. This was a year ago on our visit. It's amazing how much the kids grow in just a year. 

The warmer weather! Travis and I enjoyed an evening fire last weekend after a date night. It's still not great weather, however, a fire and hot chocolate was perfect! We are both anxious for grilling, fires, and watching baseball outside!

Since the boys are sharing a room now, I'm trying to encourage independent play and not so much screen time. I'm impressed with how well they play together, for the most part. They don't always play together, but at least they can keep themselves busy in their room with toys.

Being able to stay in jammies most of the day is an added bonus!

I'm working on my last few things for school. I have a couple more papers to write before next Friday! Crazy to think I'm almost done! Wahoo!!!

Opening day of baseball is TOMORROW!!! The only thing that would make it better was if I could enjoy those apple pie nachos that are pictured! 

I haven't been reading anything that is not related to school. However, I have a long list of books that I want to read as soon as I graduate! If you have any suggestions, let me know!!!

I've been listening to Miss Bensko's instrumental playlist while doing schoolwork. I also played it for my classroom a lot while they were working.

I'm still enjoying getting dressed up to teach. I only have a week left and I'll be back to casual clothes everyday. 


I am planning on helping my mom make a cake this weekend. Other than that, we don't have anything planned. It's been a very low key spring break.

I'm hoping these two will be home! There is talk they might come home at the end of April, but it's not for sure. We all miss them so much when they are away!

Easter is next month and I love celebrating Easter! Last year at this time we didn't have grass and this year our yard is beautiful, thanks to my hubby!

Also, I'm graduating next month! After what seems like forever, I will have a bachelor's degree!!!

And, we'll be celebrating Charlee Jo with a little shower. I'm very excited for that.

Peyton has been a Daddy's boy and has no trouble telling everyone that Dad's his favorite. However, the last week he has been attached to my hip! The kid has started to snuggle me at night and I'm not complaining! On Monday night I let him stay up and he fell asleep on the couch. He was snuggled up so close and I was loving it!

We also had a "sleepover" on the couch this week because big brother had a sleepover with a friend and Peyton wouldn't leave them alone. I'm loving this time with him.

What's your favorite Easter side dish?

I love green bean casserole! It's the dish I always look forward to for every holiday! This looks like a yummy recipe, however, my mother in law makes a basic dish and I love it!

Chipotle & Bacon Green Bean Casserole

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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