Monday, March 4, 2019

Weekend Review

Happy Monday, friends! Our weekend started earlier than anticipated when both boys came down with the flu. They had high fevers on Thursday and never went away. A lot of our weekend looked like this....

Saturday morning, I had a webinar to attend for school on Saturday morning. The boys enjoyed playing a making a gigantic mess in their room for an hour.

Speaking of their room, we worked hard all day on organizing all of their toys! #somanytoys We needed some fuel mid-day so we made a Sonic run!

Y'all, I really just wanted to throw all the toys away. I was ruthless, and four giant trash bags made their way out of the room.  But, I'm happy with the finished product.

Sunday morning we skipped church to have another full day of rest. We enjoyed a movie and snuggles....

before starting all the laundry and finishing up the bedrooms.

I have loved seeing the boys play together, but don't be fooled, they fought like crazy!

I'm happy to report that the boy's bedroom is basically complete and the nursery is recognizable. There are little girl clothes hanging in the closet, and bows starting to take over!

Although we never got out of our pajamas and we spent all weekend cleaning and organizing, it was a good weekend. I'm hoping that all the rest was enough to kick all the sickness out of our house!

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