Friday, March 1, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! I have such a busy day ahead of me but I'm excited for the weekend! I'm excited to be sharing some of my FAVORITES from the week...

Pictures of my kiddos sleeping will forever be my FAVORITE and this one of Peyton is no exception. I was laughing when I went to check on him the other night and his belly was hanging out. He is about to move out of his crib....(maybe) and I'm just not ready to see him in a big bed!

I recently ordered prayer bracelets from a shop on ETSY and having my kid's names where I'm continually reminded to pray for them is my FAVORITE. I have one with Charlee's name coming also.

So....being in a third grade classroom comes with a lot of things I never took into consideration. Head lice being one of them. After a breakout last month, I came home and made a "BUG OFF" spray with my Young Living oils. I use it frequently to spray coats, backpacks, hats, and even in our hair. It has tea tree oil in it, which lice hate! Having something so easy to use to help protect us from lice is my FAVORITE!

I've been talking a lot about finding pieces that I can wear now, while pregnant, and after I have the baby. A couple of weeks ago, these thermals were on sale at Nordstrom and I grabbed a couple. (It looks like they are on currently on sale!) I love them! They are long enough I can wear them with leggings, but I've dressed them up and worn them to teach in. They are so comfortable!

My least FAVORITE thing ever is when my babies are Sock. I got a call yesterday that the boys were sick and needed to be picked up. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay home with them so my grandpa came and sat with them until I could leave school. I walked in and found them all snuggled up.

I even got a lot of snuggles, which doesn’t happen very often! The snuggles are my FAVORITE!

I’m at school today while Grandma Jo is home taking care of the boys and loving all the snuggles! I’m so thankful for family!

We had some fun plans for our weekend that have been cancelled so we can rest and feel better soon! 

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