Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Groundhog Day

Happy Wednesday, friends! This past Saturday was Groundhog Day so Colson and I had some fun learning about the day. We started with some YouTube videos that taught us everything we needed to know. We learned about Phil and where he is from.

Next up, Colson painted a groundhog on a paper plate.

This was perfect because Colson loves to craft. We broke out the new watercolor paint set!

While it was drying, we read our new story to learn more about groundhogs.

And we played a fun game that I found from Andrea's blog. It was perfect because Colson had to practice adding his dice together! I love games because he doesn't realize he's learning!

We took our groundhog outside to see if he saw his shadow. It was late and a cloudy day so we didn't have much success. We are thankful though that Phil predicts and early spring!

Thanks to Andrea for all the fun activities! I know we are so ready for spring in our house!

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