Friday, December 14, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!! We made it through another week and are headed into another busy weekend!

Peyton isn't much of a snuggler, but Dad snuggles are the best. Especially when it saves him from going to bed! The boys have been staying up way too late because we've been watching movies as a family. The time together is my favorite but I'm ready for early bedtimes!

On Wednesday night, Peyton went with me to meet baby Jack. Our favorite high school babysitter for the boys is now married and has a baby of her own. We miss her but her new baby is so sweet! Peyton's favorite part was the doughnut that he was handed!

I went and got my nails done this week and I was so nervous to take the boys with me but they were awesome!!! Colson sat and did his favorite thing...draw!

And Peyton slept the entire time!

Another favorite from me kitchen "helper". I have never let my kids get into my cabinets before but I really needed to get the wrapping done before Colson got off the bus, so Peyton kept himself busy!

The boys and I met some friends over at Scentsy this past week to see the lights. Seeing old friends was my favorite part and the boys loved seeing the camel and making new friends!

Another favorite??? SLOW mornings! Since being pregnant, I stay in my jammies as long as possible! I am soaking it up because I start student teaching in January and I'll have to say goodbye to slow mornings! But, snuggles, Paw Patrol, and Christmas lights...yes please!

And last on my favorites list this week is my new shirt from a shop on Etsy that I found! I LOVE Friends and I'm helping host a Friends themed 30th birthday party next month so I grabbed this shirt and I couldn't love it more. It fits great over the bump as of right now and I'm thinking I'll get a lot of wear out of this shirt!

Happy Friday, friends!

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