Friday, September 7, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!!!! We made it. Is it just me or do short weeks seem like the longest??? Either way, I'm looking forward to the weekend. 

First up is my shadow. When we are at home, this boy is always near me, unless Travis is home! I love it. I know that before long, he won't want anything to do with me! I can't help but think that I only have this month left of homework. I can't wait to have a little break from school!

Fall coffee mugs!!! I want to get out our fall decorations so bad but I'm waiting until we get back from vacation. But I love drinking my morning or afternoon coffee out of the pumpkin cups!

I need some serious help getting motivated and staying focused. Lately, I've been diffusing these oils and I love the smell! Grapefruit, Orange, and Clarity!

I mentioned yesterday that I started a new bible study, Why do you believe that. It is so good! I'm excited to get deeper into it and hear what the ladies in our small group have to say about it. Going back to bible study after a long summer is a favorite of mine! 

Watching Colson play football is another favorite from the week. A friend sent me a few pictures after the last game and I'm so thankful. They turned out awesome! I love that football player!

Lastly, getting dressed up everyday and going to school is my FAVORITE. I'm sure it will get old eventually, but I'm not there yet. I like dressing up a bit! 

Well, my list was short, just like our week! I hope you all had a great week. I'm really looking forward to our weekend! If you want to follow along on our adventures, head over to Instagram. @OurWebbSpace! 

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