Thursday, September 6, 2018

Day In The Life {09/06/18}

Happy Thursday, friends! I love getting a peek into other people's days so I'm sharing a day in the life of us! I took pictures yesterday to share. It was a fairly normal day for us! So here we go!

Alarm went off a little earlier than normal. I wish I could get up at this time every morning but I don't have it in me. I would rather sleep until I am forced to get up!

Coffee and paper completion!

Finished up the blog and published it! (This obviously doesn't always happen!)

And my quiet time. I recently just started a new bible study by Mary Jo Sharp called, Why Do You Believe That? I'm really excited to dig deeper!

At 6:30, I showered and got ready for the day with coffee in hand!!!

This munchkin woke up and was super happy! 

I gathered all of our lunches and things for school. We were completely ready to go, except...

This one was still sleeping!!! I woke him up and got him ready really quickly.

Shoes on and out the door...

Drop off at the babysitter's house!

I made it to school at 8:30. I spent the remainder of the day in here until 4:30. 

Picked up the boys and the first thing they do is run outside to play!

Colson got ready for football and then read a story to Peyton! Love these two...

On Wednesday nights we have something fast because Colson has to be at football by 5:45. This night was Bratts.

Cheering on Colson during his game!

A friend took these pictures for me! Colson scored two touchdowns and had some great plays!

Taylor and Peyton are buddies, especially at football!

Because Colson did such a great job at football, Dad took us out for milkshakes!

Colson had dinner and Peyton had a snack. These boys are ALWAYS eating!

While I did the dishes...

And packed lunches for the next day.

Bath time, which is my least favorite time of the day. Does anyone else's kids have a hard time keeping water inside the tub?! Haha, at least this bath was quick!

Dad put Peyton to bed and Colson and I read for 30 minutes!

Both boys are in bed and I needed to prepare a lesson for the following day. I'm observing in the classroom but I get to teach lessons and I'm loving it!

I watched the end of the Rockies game.

And then lights out!!!

Soo....there you have it! A very un-glamorous day in our lives! Although it's very normal, it was a GOOD day! Now, if I could just get used to having such a crazy schedule, that would be nice!

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