Wednesday, August 29, 2018

What's Up Wednesday {08-29-18}

It's What's Up Wednesday!
We made it to the end of August. The last two weeks of August are crazy, but we survived!
I'm sharing some random and fun stuff today.

Travis and I have been in Sun Valley all week at a conference. However, the rest of the week is full of crock pot meals and pizza Friday! Check out my favorite cookbook full of crock pot recipes, it will make your life so much easier. I LOVE my crock pot, especially in the fall and busy months!

Colson started football last year and....

preschool! He was so little. How is that only a year ago!

Also, Travis and I attended the same conference two years ago and I was 16 weeks pregnant with Peyton!
I’ve really loved some time away with Travis. We missed our kids but I love being away from the crazy of real life!

Everything back to school, football, and busy lives!

Everything is new with back to school and I love it!

I was really dreading Colson heading off to school last week, but now that we survived!!!
I'm dreading my Praxis exam. I take it next month.
September I'm working hard on finishing up my semester. Then I have three months off before heading into student teaching. I really never thought I would cross the finish line but I can actually see it! I also really want to enjoy all things fall as much as I can!

Friday night football where we get to watch my nephew play!

Another trip with this handsome man!

Fall decorations!!!

Trips to the pumpkin patch!

And Colson's favorite holiday...Halloween!

I'm still watching Grey's but I'm nearing the end. I'm in season 10.
I'm reading books to help me study for my Praxis exam. So much studying...

I haven't been listening to much of anything. 

I’ve been wearing this shirt that I picked up on Amazon! I love all things embroidered and this one is the perfect price! I always get compliments and asked where I got it!

Nothing! We are resting up this weekend.

Um, did I mention all the fall things???
And a vacation!!
Oh, and some family pictures. I can't wait for those!

I think that's all for right now!
Check back tomorrow for pictures from our weekend in Sun Valley!

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