Thursday, August 30, 2018

Sun Valley 2018

This past weekend, Travis and I went to Sun Valley for a Sinclair conference. It was a beautiful weekend with some fall like weather. Today I’m sharing some of the fun things we were able to do in between meetings that we attended.

We arrived and got all checked into the resort. 
We ate at The Village Station, it was so good!

We got to drive a race car simulator and Travis reached one of the high speeds...I on the other hand totaled the car three times before he told me I was done!

On Saturday evening, they treated us to dinner and an ice skating performance. 

On Sunday, we attended meetings all morning and had the privilege to listen to Bret Baier speak. He was hilarious but also amazing to listen to. 

Travis also accepted a 35 year award. So proud of Travis and his hard work. Mrs. Holding, the lady in the center of our photo, is the kindest women! It was a privilege to meet her.

We also had the opportunity to meet the driver for the Sinclair car.

Next up, we ate at Sun Valley golf course. It was delicious also! One thing is for sure, we ate amazing food all weekend!

The wind was crazy but we played a round of miniature golf.

And then braved the wind and cold weather to ride the gondola to the top of Baldi Mountain. It was a quick trip up and down, because the restaurant was closed and it was FREEZING!

The view is gorgeous and worth the cold!

On Sunday evening we headed out to Trail Creek cabin and ate the most amazing barbecue food.

They had an ABBA tribute band perform that we couldn’t wrap our heads around so we called it an early night!

On Monday, afternoon meetings we headed to the golf course. Trail Creek is by far the most beautiful course I’ve ever played and the most challenging. Putting was so hard!

Although the wind was blowing and it rained on and off all day, it was beautiful!

On Monday night we decided to head into town for some pizza and Martina McBride sat down in the booth in front of us with her husband! We didn’t take any pictures but when we got back to the resort we got ready and headed to her concert! Such a fun experience, and I wonder if she eats pizza two hours before all of her shows!?!

We ended the night way too late watching the Rockies play.

We had a wonderful time and can’t wait to return!
Sun Valley is such a beautiful place with so many amazing things to experience. I’m grateful we get to
Participate in the Sinclair conference!

Tomorrow is Friday and I’ll be sharing some of my favorites from the week!! Happy Thursday!

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