Friday, July 6, 2018

Five on Friday


You can find us outside most mornings and evenings. The middle of the day is too hot for us but if I wear Peyton out enough in the morning, he gives me a solid three hours of nap! hallelujah! The time outside is quickly becoming my favorite! 


I shared on Instagram earlier this week that he makes getting ready a challenge. I know this is just a phase. It will be over so quickly and I'm going to miss these snuggles. I beg Colson to snuggle me and more times than not, he chooses not to. I miss them. I told Travis I hadn't washed my hair in four days and that I don't remember the last time I shaved my legs above the knee because my showers have to be quick because I'm worried about keeping both kids alive or waking up while I'm in there. However, I'll take the dirty hair and un-shaved legs over not being able to enjoy these years with them before they no longer want the snuggles.

July Memories.

July is one of my favorite months on Time-Hop! I mean, I love looking back through the years and being reminded about all the amazing memories we've made.

It doesn't seem right that ALL of these were taken in Cascade and I've yet to be up there this once this year. That makes me a little sad and wishing that we had more time. We're planning a trip up soon!!!

Front Porch.

I know I've mentioned it before, but we love the front porch! I love rocking while watching the boys play. The "breaks" we take after playing hard in the driveway. The sweet memories that are being made are my favorite!

Fourth of July.

I shared yesterday all about our 4th! We had the best day celebrating!
I'm just as disappointed as Colson to have to wait 363 days to do it again!

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