Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Peyton William // 15 Months

We went for Peyton's 15 month check up yesterday. He is currently weighing in at 24 pounds exactly, wearing 2T clothes, and size 4 diapers.

Peyton was great at his appointment and only screamed for a minute during // after shots. Colson kindly told Dr. Miller that his brother didn't want any shots this visit but it didn't work. We  also found out that Peyton has an ear infection in his left ear- which would explain why he hasn't been eating or sleeping great. Mom of the year. 

Weight: 24 pounds
birth: 7 pounds 5.8 ounces
Heights: 32 inches
birth: 20 2/4 in
Head: 48.5 cm
birth: 13 cm

He is a great eater. He loves food but especially pizza! He prefers water over anything else in his sippy cup but loves his bottle. I've tried not to give it to him several times and he always wakes up a few hours later and the only thing that satisfies him is the bottle. Don't set a drink down, unless you want to share. He spots it quickly and helps himself. He loves Starbucks as much as his mama.

What is sleep??? The kid doesn't sleep through the night. He takes one great nap everyday but nighttime is another story. I'm hoping after we get over this ear infection he'll start sleeping. 

He loves to play with anything that comes out of his brother's room. It's a constant battle between the boys. He loves to be outside. We spend most of our days outside. The Little People Construction set is still a favorite along with the giant lion. Elmo is a new favorite. He got Elmo for Christmas but recently started carrying him around and loving on him.

What else is new?
I wouldn't say any of this is very new...
His favorite people consist of Papa Kim...


And brother...

He loves to read books but is too impatient so misses about half the story because he loves to flip the pages before you've finished.

He loves the goats that are next door. He checks on them at least once a day. 

He has started to throw the biggest fits! When he doesn't get his way or is upset about something, everyone knows about it.

I miss the baby stage but this age is so much fun. 

15 Month Photo Dump

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