Friday, May 4, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!! This week has been EXHAUSTING! Thankfully this week has been FULL of lots of our FAVORITES! At the top of the list is this boy in his new bow tie. He's been begging me to order him one from online and I finally gave in. It arrived and he couldn't be happier. It's his FAVORITE thing in his closet right now. He asked me to please take a few pictures with him wearing it and this one is my FAVORITE!

So, I'm linking up with a few of my FAVORITE bloggers and can't wait to read everyone else's favorites from the week!

Colson loves to draw and I recently picked up these from Amazon. He went nuts when he opened the package. I originally bought them for some homework practice papers but he's been creating all kinds of art with them and they're my FAVORITE!

A snail and an owl....

I completed two tests this week. My FAVORITE feeling is completion! Ha, I love crossing things off my to-do list, especially when it's school related!

I went and got my hair done and that is another FAVORITE activity of mine!

I shared a Day In The Life post on Wednesday and those are some of my FAVORITE posts to read.

We went to Couple's golf on Thursday and that's my FAVORITE night of the week! I love golfing with Travis and I'm always looking forward to Thursday nights with him. 

I know I talk a lot about our front porch rocking chairs but this week, Colson and I sat and ate lunch together and just talked while Peyton napped. It was one of my favorite moments with my big boy this week!

I'll miss this when he's in school all day next year.

We got school pictures back this week and they are my FAVORITE!

Stealing my coffee is Peyton's FAVORITE!

Having GG and Papa Les home is our FAVORITE! We've loved seeing them this week and can't wait to go up to the cabin.

Being his Mama is my FAVORITE!

Colson had bike day at preschool yesterday! He had so much fun and it was fun to see all the kids riding their bikes and scooters. Peyton and I walked over from my parent's house to watch.

Sweet Tea Living is open this weekend! They have the cutest stuff!! They've quickly became my FAVORITE! If you haven't made the visit....they are open today and tomorrow!

Happy Friday, friends!!

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