Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Day in the Life

Happy Wednesday, friends! Today is one of my FAVORITES- Day in the Life! I love getting a peek into other people's days so I thought I'd share ours! It's fun to see how different people's days look from my own, or similar! This particular day was last Wednesday and although it contained normal things, it wasn't a normal day.

Up before the boys because Colson's friend was coming over. Most of the time I wait for one of them to wake me up and then regret not waking up earlier!

Makeup and some dry shampoo because even though I got up early...I didn't get up that early!

This boy joined me as I was finishing up my hair!

I worked on cleaning up the kitchen while....

This boy at a waffle....

And these sweet boys!

Time for shoes and preschool drop-off!

Headed out the door in my favorite "mom uniform"! T-shirt, jeans, and Birkenstock's!

We dropped Colson off and grabbed a tea from Starbucks. Now back home to entertain the other two.

Pushing around Peyton while drinking tea. This lasted about 15 minutes before he got bored.

These two played outside most of the morning.

I sat in my favorite spot, drank my tea, and watched the boys.

Tea thief!

Before we went to pick Colson up, I set out the ingredients for a recipe because everything needed to be at room temperature.  

We picked Colson up and dropped Austin off...

We went to the park with a few friends from preschool before lunch.

On Wednesdays we meet Dad, Papa Kim, and Grandma Kay for lunch! Photo courtesy of Colson.

Next, we stopped by Nana's office to look at the new front lobby. It's loaded with treats so Colson was in heaven. I made a grocery list because Dad and Papa Kim requested some goodies to take on their fishing trip and I needed supplies.

We survived the grocery store!

I carried Peyton in from the car and put him straight to bed. He was asleep before we pulled out of the grocery store parking lot!

I love sleeping pictures!

Colson worked on making some pictures. He draws, colors, and creates things everyday!

I spent the afternoon baking.

And this boy woke up from his nap just as Dad was getting home.

Outside to help Dad water flowers! I can't get over how big he has gotten in just the last month.

A quick dinner before Dad took off to golf. Pork chop and a baked potato.

The boys and I ran some dessert up to Papa Kim and Grandma Jo. We were there long enough for Colson to find Papa Kim's loader! 

Papa Warren and Aunt Theresa stopped by for some dessert too. We all played with the boys outside. Peyton loved having Papa push him around. 

This is the night that Colson learned to ride his bike without training wheels! Such a fun night.

You can find us outside from now until winter. We're loving the weather and the boys are getting worn out which is AWESOME! 

We finally made it inside for some dessert!

Bye, Papa!!!

The boys took a quick bath since we were already way past bedtime.

I gave Peyton a bottle and Travis put Colson to bed.

I finished up my blog post for the next day.... 

And crawled into bed!

So...there you have it! A very unglamorous day in our lives!

A couple of things about our day:

We normally don't have Austin over but it was a fun bonus for the day.

We normally don't have people over in the evenings. It's normally just the four of us, or three of us if Travis is golfing.

I normally find time to do homework. I like to do it while Peyton naps. Colson will just have quiet time for an hour or so and I can normally get some done.

I normally don't spend an entire afternoon baking but I wanted to make some things for an upcoming fishing trip that Travis was going on.

I hope you enjoyed a look into our day!

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