Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends. I just finished up my day subbing for a middle school science teacher after very little sleep last night. It was a LOOONG day but I had my morning fuel!

I'm sharing my Friday Favorites again this week and linking up with some of my favorite bloggers.

Last week, one of Peyton's FAVORITE toys was this phone. I love that he's figured out how to hold it and "talk" into it. 

Last Friday, I took Colson, Austin, and Peyton to the park. We picked up McDonald's and then I let them play for awhile. The weather was so nice and the park is their FAVORITE!

This picture might be my FAVORITE from the weekend. I love all three of these boys!

My Grandpa came by to drop off some vanilla extract to me. I was baking and ran out. He saved the day and Peyton squealed with excitement when he showed up. I've mentioned this on the blog several times but having my grandparents around to have relationships with my kids is my FAVORITE.

Play-doh is NOT my FAVORITE and I'd love to meet another mother that loves cleaning up a play-doh mess. This mess was a monster to clean up!

TimeHop does it again! I opened it up to find one of my FAVORITE memories from four years ago! I can't believe how time flies. This picture of Colson with his GG and Papa Les will always be one of my FAVORITE pictures.

Our grass got planted last week which is Travis's FAVORITE thing that's happened this year! However, we've had some horrible wind and he went fishing for a couch cushion and then later in the day.....

 our trampoline traveled into the yard. The trampoline wasn't as easy to remove.

My two FAVORITE boys leaving church together on Sunday.

Colson is transitioning out of taking naps. It's so hard because I love the 2-3 hours in the afternoon that the boys were napping at the same time. One night, he couldn't quite make it until bed time. He passed out around 4, and had the hardest time making his way to the dinner table. I'm wondering at what age sleeping pictures will no longer be my FAVORITE. I mean, look how sweet!

Starting the week off with a clean kitchen makes me so happppy! Really, a clean kitchen anytime is my FAVORITE because it normally only stays clean for about 5 minutes before someone eats in it and crumbs are all over the floor or a one year old pulls something out of a drawer!

Colson's FAVORITE thing to do is play outside. He will stay out there for hours. He's gotten really good at riding his 4-wheeler so I don't worry about him and just check on him periodically. Earlier this week he decided to close his eyes and try and jump over the rock! If you notice, there is a ditch on the other side of the rock so I'm not sure how he thought it was going to end.

 Instead, he flipped it and fortunately he wasn't hurt! He can no longer ride it without me being outside....

The boys and I took a trip to Target yesterday and Peyton enjoyed himself! The new Opal House is amazing. I picked up some new pillows and had to control myself not to buy several things from the collection, it's definitely a FAVORITE of mine!

This weekend should be a calm weekend without much on our plates! I'm hoping to get a full night sleep tonight since the boys are having a sleepover with their grandma and grandpa! [[All the praise hands!!!]] I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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