Monday, March 5, 2018

Weekend Recap

Friday was a work day at our house. I cleaned out my closet and the boys stayed in their pajamas until noon. I got so much accomplished!
Colson is borrowing some books from Nana and Papa's house that read allowed. I went into his room and found him like this....

I'm so happy that he loves books!

Friday, we pretty much worked around the house, had a surprise visit from Grandma Jo, and ended with pizza and a family movie night!
Saturday morning came way too early after this boy didn't sleep much!

On Saturday, we picked up Grandma Jo and headed to Urban Air.
We had the best day! I was hesitant but both of my boys LOVED it.
They both smiled the entire time we were there.

Colson really wanted to go on this but I had to go with him. He loved it, I didn't love the height. I mean, people were walking under us the entire time!

Such a rockstar!!!

Next up, they had a zip line and he talked his Grandma Jo into going with him!

He continued to go by himself, it was his favorite part!

This boy was fearless!

If you are local around the Boise area, I highly recommend a trip to Urban Air!

Both of the boys fell asleep on the way home and Peyton slept for a total of four hours!
Meanwhile, Travis was up on top of the mountain!

We were so happy the boys were home! We went to dinner with Grandma Jo and Papa Kim! Peyton was one happy boy!!!
The boys were covered in germs thanks to Urban Air so we took a long bath and...

ended the night snuggling Dad. 

Sunday was low key and we just enjoyed having everyone home!
 I hope you had a good weekend!!!
Happy Monday, friends!

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