Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Easter Baskets

Easter is approaching quickly! I love celebrating Jesus' resurrection but I also love the fun family traditions that come with Easter. Colson loves to dye Easter eggs and then find them. I'm looking forward to celebrating this year with our families!

I found the boy's Easter baskets at Target last year. The size is perfect because I don't want a huge basket that I have to fill up with "things". When deciding what to fill them with this year, I went with practical, with a little fun. The boys have more than they could ever need and I can't stand the thought of one more toy! The egg hunt is what Colson is most looking forward to anyway. Oh, and the Skittles...

I also picked up some Easter candy to put in their baskets. The boys participate in two egg hunts each year and we enjoy time with both of our families. I'm looking forward to spring this year and for me, Easter is the beginning of that!
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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