Monday, February 5, 2018

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! Friday morning Travis took of for a snowmobiling trip to Stanley and the boys and I went to Boise to run errands. They did so good for being in the car or a store for most of the day.
Colson asked me to go through the car wash so we did, and then it rained the next day. Boo!

Love these two so much!

Friday night I went to a movie with my mom and when I got home, this boy begged me to snuggle him and watch a movie together. Of course I said yes.

Saturday morning I loaded the boys back up and we went to Home Depot. On the first Saturday of the month, they do a workshop for kids and Colson loved it. I think we will try and go every month.

I loved watching him make it and he loved that HE did it!

Meanwhile, little brother hung out...

One more stop before home. We went to Michael's and participated in their craft project. Colson had the best time.

I found my new favorite diffuser blend! Grapefruit and spearmint, my house smells amazing!

Saturday the boys and I went with my mom to the Village. She needed to pick up some things and we went along for the ride.

Colson kept standing like a statue and stared at people as they walked past. Whatever entertains a five year old! People laughed and he thought it was the greatest thing.

Love these boys so much. We were really missing Dad at this point so staying busy was important. Colson had asked me a dozen times when he was coming home.

A little dinner....

And a very fussy baby!

One last picture of my big boy!

I picked up the boys some Denver Bronco jammies and slippers. We sent a picture to Dad!

Grandma Jo and Papa Kim bought the boys four-wheelers. They love them! Peyton can't do it himself yet, but he loves for me to hold down the button so he can ride. The weather was beautiful on Sunday so after church we spent the majority of the day outside until Dad got home.

Since the Broncos weren't playing...I got to wear my favorite Sunday shirt! ;)

And the boys dressed up!

We ate too much food and watched the game. I loved the outcome. I thought it was a good game. Both boys needed baths and Peyton was so fussy but I didn't want to miss the end.

I hope you all had the best weekend! Here's to a new week!