Monday, January 8, 2018

Weekend Recap: Colson Edition

This weekend was fun of fun for Colson! Travis and I took him to Jurassic Quest on Friday. He loved it and is still excited talking about.
I couldn't believe the size of these dinosaurs. They moved and made noise.

It was so fun to see Colson's face.

I love that we get time with just Colson!

This was a highlight of our weekend, for sure.

Time with our oldest before he turns 5!

Colson is really into making things right now so he loved making this dinosaur.

Of course we had to be silly...

And he left with a little something.

We ended our night with pizza.
The next morning, Colson couldn't wait to uncover his fossils.

On Saturday night, Colson and I ran to the store and got him a new pair of boots to go hunting.

He was so proud of his new books that are just like Dad's!

On Sunday, he went duck hunting with the boys.
It was a weekend full of fun with Colson, and the rest of us. A BIG weekend for sure!

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