Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Day in the life. {01.05.18}

I have no idea why, but I love reading Day In The Life posts on other blogs so I thought I would include them more on mine! This was last Friday. I wouldn't say it was normal but there were normal things about it!
Here we go...
Peyton is my alarm clock these days and on this day, he woke up at 6:00. I really wish I could get into the habit of waking up early everyday. It would be so nice to get my quiet time done and even a workout in before the rest of the house wakes. I don't see that happening anytime soon.

A bottle for him and back to sleep.

Since I was up, I made myself some coffee, curled up on the couch with a fire and my favorite blanket...
And I enjoy my quiet time.

Colson woke up and joined me on the couch. He watch cartoons while I finished up my quiet time.
This one woke up again and we all three snuggled until...

It was time for Dad to go to work. At this point, Peyton cried for a few minutes and then the two boys played while I finished cleaning the stove. We had homemade chicken trips for dinner the night before so I let the parts to the stove soak overnight.

However, what I found was a leak under the kitchen sink. Not fun! While waiting for Travis to come home and fix it, I made breakfast for us and...

put the dishes away!
Thursday was Travis's birthday. Colson and I had made him a cake but he wasn't home to blow out the candles. When he came home to fix the dishwasher, he blew out the candles so that Colson could have a piece after lunch!

The boys ate breakfast. They each had a waffle and an orange.
Peyton needs a bath after every single meal. This day, he got one in the laundry room sink so I could fold a load of clothes. Colson stayed in his jammies until around noon.
I stopped taking pictures at this point. Our day got really crazy and I forgot. 
After lunch, Ashley came over and took Peyton's ONE YEAR pictures! They are so good. I can't wait to share them on Thursday.
Both of the boys took naps. I told Colson that we had a surprise for him when he woke up, but he had no idea what it was.
I finished getting ready for the night and then woke up both boys.

We dropped Peyton off with my parents and then headed to Jurassic Quest. Colson was so excited!

The older Colson gets, the more he appreciates and needs alone time with his mom and dad. I'm so grateful to be able to take him and do fun things like this.

We went to our favorite pizza joint on the way home, Smoky Mountain. The boys sat together and the waitress brought Colson a large root beer that he drank within seconds. Haha!
We picked Peyton up from my parent's house and put the boys to bed when we got home.
I crawled into bed directly after.
That's a day in the life.
This day just happened to be a fun day with a first birthday photo shoot and a night for Colson!
Happy Tuesday!


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