Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Life Lately

Today I have some really random life lately pictures for you!
I'm still trying to catch-up from our vacation. Laundry, homework, grocery shopping...
So here are a few pictures of what's been happening at our house lately.
The other morning both boys were hanging out in the closet with my while I got ready and later I found all of these pictures, plus more, on my phone! I had to laugh!

Last Wednesday we went on the first of many field-trips. We went to the Boise Watershed. Colson loved playing in all the water. The weather was perfect and all the kids had the best time!

A baby caterpillar might have been the highlight!

I had some things I needed to pick-up from the mall. Colson always asks if he can ride one of these animals and I finally let him. He'd been so good and it made his day!

I also pushed him around the mall in Peyton's stroller while he watched a movie. Whatever works!

I've been loving the pumpkin chia latte's from Starbucks!

Peyton has been feeding himself lately with these pouches and I think he gets about a quarter of it and the rest is everywhere! I really don't care since he's so cute.

Travis and I took a trip to Denver. If you missed it, I blogged about it yesterday!
The boys stayed with Grandma Jo and Papa Kim.
Yesterday, we all woke up not feeling great. The power was out. And I got in as many snuggles as I could before...
The boys got flu shots and then we went grocery shopping.
We have some fun things on our schedules starting tonight and don't plan on slowing down until Sunday so I'm praying that we all start feeling better!
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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