Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Denver 2017

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know we love watching the Denver Broncos play football. After Peyton Manning left, I wasn't sure if we'd make the trip back to Denver but this past weekend we did! We booked this trip about a month ago after deciding we wouldn't go on any trips this year. We just couldn't stay away!
Our boys were in good hands while we were gone. We got to the airport R E A L L Y early.

Hello Denver! After arriving in Denver we set out to grab some food. We didn't have any plans for Thursday since we came in fairly late.

We went to a sports bar for dinner and I had the best tomato soup and grilled cheese I've ever had!

The next morning I enjoyed national coffee day walking downtown Denver!
We had a Starbucks in the same building as our hotel and we make several stops!
Friday morning we headed to the Stadium and went on a tour.

This is from one of the suits. It was so fun to see everything and hear about the history.

The tour guide stressed to our group to not touch the grass. He made sure that we all understood.....

And of course my husband just had to touch it!!! Ha!
We took off to Coors Field after leaving the stadium and walked through the Denver Firefighter's chili cook-off. It smelled so good!
Then, we stumbled upon Denver's Oktoberfest! We didn't try out any of the beer but we did buy a giant Rice Krispy treat to try. I have to say we were disappointed.
There was so much going on downtown.

We went to a pub and had lunch before the game. Travis has always made fun of the amount of pictures I take and selfies....so this might be my favorite picture of the trip!

These fish tacos were so good. This was my favorite meal of the trip!

Ready for game one!
These bike trailers were everywhere. We took one to the game and it was so fun!

We went early for batting practice for both games.
My husband knows how to pick seats! Being behind the dugout was so fun!

Actually, I think I lied, these apple pie nachos might have been my favorite meal of the trip!
We enjoyed them both nights. They were so good!!!

Charlie....I keep trying to talk Travis into another kid. Another kid named after a professional sports player. He's not on board with it! ;)

Friday night, there was a fireworks show after the game. It was by far, the best fireworks show I've ever seen. The Rockies sure know how to put on a show!
The Rockies won game one of the series!

Saturday we went to Bass Pro Shop to look around.

And of course Travis had to try the games....
Then we explored downtown some more before heading to game two!

I started off with this....

We ate a lot of food on this vacation and none of it was good for us!

See...more apple pie nachos!

I picked the seats for game two....Travis is now on in charge of picking our seats!

It rained on us every game we went to, but only about 20 raindrops. We had the best weather!

Sunday we left our hotel room and walked to the stadium. We arrived at 9 a.m.

We watched some of the players arrive and then headed in for pre-game food, drinks, and warmups.


Out of all the seats.............

Lauren, from Emmett, was sitting two rows in front of us! We couldn't believe it!

The Broncos won! It was such an incredible experience. The last time we went to a game, the Broncos lost by a lot! It was terrible. The energy in the stadium was unbelievable.

And then this was the walk back to the hotel!

We stopped at Starbucks for tea and went to bed. We had the best trip but come Sunday night we were tired, getting sick, and missed our boys!

Waking up on Monday morning, I read about the Vegas shooting and wanted nothing more than to be at home with our boys. We spent most of the day at the airport, anxiously awaiting to get home!

This was our view driving into town, such a beautiful place to call home!
Travis and I both love visiting the city but we love coming home to our small town!

And this boy was so happy to see his new toys!
He's been asking for a fidget spinner since he started school.....he was so happy to finally get one!

And this is how I've been spending my day. Laundry, doctor appointments, and spending time with the boys!
I loved my time with my husband but I'm happy to be back together as a family!
Happy Tuesday!!

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