Thursday, October 12, 2017

Day In The Life: School Edition

Happy Thursday, friends! I love reading these posts from other people. I had the intention of doing a day in the life on Monday but I had sick kids so I couldn't link-up on Tuesday with Andrea. Yesterday was back to normal so these pictures are from yesterday. This was a pretty normal Wednesday. Colson is going to preschool this year so it's been an adjustment, but we are finally getting into a groove!
So, I used to be a morning person. I loved getting up early before anyone else and getting things done. That was until Travis. We normally stay up way too late for me to even think about getting up early. And, with a baby that has been getting up several times a night, forget about it. Someday, I would love to become a morning person again.
Up before the boys, which is rare. Normally Peyton wakes me up long before this. The extra sleep was so nice. I got a shower in before he woke up!

This cutie got a few snuggles with Dad and always watches cartoons in the mornings. He takes a few minutes to wake up in the mornings. A common theme in our family!

And awake!

A morning bottle and then he's a happy boy!

Pumpkin coffee in my favorite pumpkin mug eating my favorite pumpkin toast while putting on my makeup! While......

This boy watches!

Dry Shampoo saves the day! I hate washing my hair so I use this as often as possible!

Dressed and now it's time to conquer getting the boys ready.

Breakfast for these two...

Then dressed and "Let me get a picture really fast!" Colson is having a melt-down because Peyton is touching his shoe. Ugh!

Dropped one off at the sitter and one off at preschool.

Home to do some homework!
And the sight is down.......

I read my bible and had some quiet time. By the time I was done, the sight was back up and I spent the next two hours finishing some homework!

I spend countless hours in front of my computer doing homework.

I picked both boys up at 11:30 and we always go to lunch with Dad, Papa Kim, and Grandma Kay on Wednesdays!

Home around 1:30 and not leaving the rest of the day so comfy clothes were calling my name.
Both of the boys went down for a nap! While I........

You guessed it! More homework!

I spent two hours listening to a webinar for school with one ear and listening for the boys to wake up with the other. The afternoon when the boys are home are a lot harder to accomplish homework. Usually they take naps at separate times but today it was perfect!

Colson woke up from his nap at about 3:30 so he played quietly while I prepared dinner. I tried a new recipe, sheet pan fajitas! They were so good! And really easy!

This cutie woke up at about 4 so we snuggled.

And then Colson joined us.

Colson's closet was a disaster so I helped him clean it up. He's having a friend over to play so it will be a disaster again this afternoon but every once in awhile we need a reset! 

Next up, Peyton walked around in his walker, Colson watched a movie, and I put away the dishes while we waited for Dad to come home from work.

Nights are super crazy and usually I fail at taking pictures! We ate dinner...

Gave this cutie a bath! Which he is way too big for my liking! He scoots all over the tub now.

Snuggles with Dad while I cleaned up the kitchen.

And some playing. Toys everywhere, and a crawling baby....

An unexpected visitor! Our neighbors brought us some fresh eggs! They are new neighbors and so nice! We got lucky. They are the only neighbors we have and they couldn't be any nicer!

Finish up the kitchen and dishes...

Bath time for this big boy!

A book! Which this book is so cute if you're in Idaho! I picked it up at Fred Meyer and we read it every night. It's Colson's favorite right now.

Loves and goodnight!

A bottle for this sweet pea!
Both of the boys go to bed at 8. It was about 8:15 and I ...

 watched the end of the Yankees and Indians game.

And then went to bed and watched last week's episode of Will and Grace before calling it a night.

Normally we don't turn the lights out until after 10:30, but I was so tired last night.
There you have it! A very normal day in our lives. This was a good day. I love nights at home with my family. I love listening to all the conversations that take place. I love watching Travis interact with our boys. I love watching Colson take on the role of a big brother. I'm so blessed that this is our life. It's nothing fancy but I thank God everyday that this is the life He chose for me!
I hope everyone has a great Thursday!

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