Monday, August 14, 2017

Peyton William // 7 Months

I can't believe that Peyton is seven months old. Although it makes me sad to think how fast he's growing, I LOVE this stage!
What's new?
  • Peyton loves his brother! Colson can make him laugh over nothing. I love watching those two.
  • He's sitting. 100% UNASSISTED. He loves to sit and look around.
  • I love sink baths. It's the easiest way to get him clean. Water goes everywhere but I prefer it to the bathtub.
  • He is reaching and interacting with all of his toys, his brother, and other people. I love watching him experience new toys.
  • He loves to snuggle his Daddy in the recliner and snooze. They both seem to nap well there! ;)
  • He has started to eat his toes. Along with everything else. EVERYTHING goes into the mouth!
  • We have two teeth! In the last month he's been teething nonstop and it's been a nightmare.
  • He loves to stand. Assisted.
  • He is wearing size 3 diapers and 9-12 month clothes. 12 month pajamas. What???

This boy loves to eat! He hates veggies. Green beans....he made himself puke all over me from just one bite. For real? Totally his father's child! No question.
I gave him an avocado last night and he loved playing with it. That's about all he did with it. I've spent some time reading about giving him table food. I think he would love it. He will eat two helpings of baby food at a time. Boy is hungry!
He has five bottles a day and purees twice a day.
He is really starting to enjoy his toys. He likes when they make noise and light up but as long as he can bang them on something to create some noise...he's happy! He loves having his brother close by. As long as Colson doesn't steal his toys. Which always results in a melt-down. He will play in his walker or exersaucer as long as someone is close by to talk to. Boy hates to be alone.
He loves Papa Kim's glasses. Loves.
Whatever brother is playing much better than baby toys!
Peek-a-boo is a favorite game!

Peyton loves to sit in the front of the cart. He loves the attention from everyone in the store. He especially loves the ladies at Starbucks. The flirting is out. of. control.
The worst sleeper ever. For real. I know that teething plays a role in sleeping. I need to start the sleep training process. Maybe this month. Starting with naps.
He will nap anywhere. Except his crib. He prefers his swing. Which, he's too big for.
Boy is stubborn!

s e v e n month photo dump

More than anything he loves him Mama, Daddy, and brother.
We love him so much! We can't imagine not having him apart of our family.

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