Monday, August 7, 2017

Fishing Adventures

Our family went on an adventure this weekend.
We took off to the mountains to go fishing.
We didn't fish much last year and this was our first time out this year. I'm a little bummed because we had so much fun and Colson loved every second of it. He didn't want to leave!
The fishing was amazing.
I felt bad for Travis because Colson and I were catching fish and he was taking care of them.

He couldn't keep up!

The number of fish we caught was also a good reason why Colson didn't want to leave.

This fishing trip didn't require a lot of patience.

We also saw a bald eagle. Had to see it in this picture. The air was full of smoke!

We stopped counting fish...

This boy did amazing. He stayed in his stroller until the end.

At first Colson wouldn't touch the fish and then he was putting them all back into the water.

Both boys were reeling in a fish!

While this boy napped!

Peyton's first time fishing!

Fishing is something that I hope these three can always enjoy doing together and  make a lot of memories together!
Such an amazing day spent with family!

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