Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What's Up Wednesday {05-31-17}

It's What's Up Wednesday!
I'm linking up with these ladies to answer these questions...

1. What we're eating this week:
For a Memorial Day BBQ, I made a few things from my favorite blogger...

We just finished it last night. It was still good, and I made it on Sunday!
I also made this Corn Salad.
It was so good. There was one helping leftover and I ate it on Monday.
It's such an easy salad and everyone loved it!
Okay, the last thing I made for the BBQ...Bacon Wrapped Smokies. Ya'll, do yourself a favor and make these for your next get together! They are so good!!!! I'm making them again tonight.
Shay has so many wonderful and easy recipes!
2. What I'm reminiscing about:
In May of last year we were moving out of our house ...
and we found out that I was pregnant!!!
3. What I'm loving:
This amazing weather! I'm loving being outside so much! My boys love it too!

I'm also loving all the time we've been spending with Sylvia lately.

4. What we've been up to:

Once again...outside!

Travis finished his outdoor kitchen this last weekend and we have grilled everyday since!
We can't get enough!
5. What I'm dreading:
Going back to school....
6. What I'm working on:
I'm just working on making as many good memories with these boys as possible!
7. What I'm excited about:
Tonight, I'm hosting a Pampered Chef party!
I love Pampered Chef and I'm excited to host a get together in our home.
If you're local and love Pampered Chef as much as I do...come on over tonight!
8. What I'm watching/ reading:
All of our shows ended for the summer.
We are currently watching the Bachelorette.
Travis and I weren't very excited about Rachel this season but the more we watch her...the more we like her!
9. What I'm listening to:
This boy is talking up a storm and I love it!
10. What I'm wearing:
My summer wardrobe is basically shorts, top, and sandals. Everyday.
My favorite shorts. Which are on sale right now.

My favorite tee. Which is also on sale.
11. What I'm doing this weekend:
Weddings and a baby shower!
We are attending two weddings and a baby shower this weekend.
12. What I'm looking forward to next month:
Swimming lessons for Colson and VBS.
This will be his 4th year in swimming lessons and his first time to attend VBS.
13. What else is new:
I think I've covered it all.
Bonus questions this month: What's your favorite vacation spot?
I've loved everywhere that I've traveled but I always desire to go back to Denver.
I love the city. Travis and I had such a great time and I'm always wanting to go back!
 Alright, that's What's Up Wednesday!
Hope you have a great Wednesday!

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