Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

We started off our weekend going to the Island so Colson could ride his scooter!
Later in the afternoon, Hallie came over!

And all three kids napped!!!!

Friday night I went to my niece's graduation.

Saturday morning the boys and I headed to the playground and as I was leaving I noticed this in Colson's room!
Peyton wants to move and do everything his big brother does. He enjoys the park just as much as Colson!

I love being a boy mom!

We went and ate lunch at the Taco Wagon!

And Peyton and I headed to a baby shower for my friend Korri!

And Colson headed to the mountains with Aunt Emily and Uncle Daniel.

He was wore out!!!

But he came home with flowers for his Mama!

And he missed his brother...

We had my family over for an impromptu bbq.
GG loving on Hallie!

Peyton slept through some of it! Right in the middle of it all.

I think we are going to spend a lot of time out here!

Daddio of the Patio!

Two happy boys.

Love this little family of mine.

Sunday night we went to a bbq at my parent's house.
Aunt Sylvia is very popular with both of my boys.

Colson and Robbie played with water balloons in their underwear!

They had so much fun!


It was fun just watching the boys play.

See what I mean??? They love her!

And this picture makes me so happy! Blessed to have great-grandparents loving on my boys!

Monday morning we went back to the playground. This time with Dad.

And, we taught this boy how to hopscotch!

While the boys napped, we relaxed together on the couch.

And then went outside to bbq once again!

I think both boys prefer to be outside!

And Travis is happy to have a bbq again!

We had the best family dinner.

And ended out night with baths, books, and snuggles.

I hope you all had the best long weekend with family and friends. Here's to a good short week but a very busy one!

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