Monday, April 17, 2017

Weekend Recap: Easter Edition

Happy Monday!!! This weekend was GREAT! So much fun packed into three days.
On Friday, we woke up to this...snow!
Colson went to Ms. Tanya's for awhile on Friday and when we came to pick him up, he was so proud to hold his little brother! I'm so proud of him for how he has taken on the big brother role!

Then, Austin came over to play for a couple of hours! Love these two!

They played so well and I loved listening in on their conversations!

Friday night we went to Nana and Papa's house to see GG and Papa Les! We are so happy they are home. We were missing Hallie but here is the rest of the crew!

I love how close these two are. Colson was so excited to have his GG home!

And Peyton is quickly figuring how why Colson loves his GG so much!

Saturday morning the snow was gone in the valley but we could see it on the Butte. #lovethisview

Saturday morning started out slow with some snuggles!

Then, we had bacon and waffles for breakfast! Several years ago my Grandma bought me a waffle maker that makes animal waffles. It is a pain to make them but Colson LOVES when I do!

This man...I love him so much! He was off to golf and I was off to shop!

Having a baby in your cart saves you a lot of money since there isn't any room!!!

So big! He has started pumping his legs while he's on his tummy! Growing way to fast for my liking.

We ordered in Chinese for dinner! My favorite!!!

And I started baking at 9 pm....
I finally made it to bed around 12:30 after making 2 pies, 2 casseroles, and sweeping the floors.

Sunday morning I took the boys to church!
Such a beautiful Easter morning!

We even made it to church for the 8 am service! And....we stopped on the way so a certain 4 year old wouldn't have an accident in the car.... :(

Colson has been begging me to go into service with me so I decided to let him. He was so well behaved and when we sat down, he grabbed my hand and held it most of the service.
Made my Mama heart almost explode!
When we got home, the Easter bunny had come.

Even Dad got a stash of candy from the Easter bunny!
(He's been hiding it in one of the kitchen drawers so he wouldn't find it!)
Dad and his boys!
My family came over for brunch!
I made Joanna Gain's lemon pie! It was so good!
Brunch was simple but I loved having everyone sitting around our table!
It's not very often we get to celebrate a holiday with GG and Papa Les. They are normally in Arizona.
So happy they are home!

Nana and Papa with their grandbabies!

Colson was in dinosaur heaven!

Aunt Silvia with the newest babies in the family!

Then, we all took naps and were late to Easter dinner at Travis's parents. I told them it was much easier to be on time when we lived there! :)
Grandma Jo and Papa Kim saved the day by hiding eggs. Colson told me his favorite part about Easter was hunting for eggs! Maybe next year the Easter bunny will hide some at our house!

Papa Kim and Peyton! I can't wait to see Peyton running around hunting for eggs next year!

Colson and his cousins searching for eggs!
Papa Kim hides eggs with money inside for the big kids and Colson found one of theirs. He was showing it off to Taylor!

That's all the pictures I took but trust me in that we had the best weekend. We ended with baths for all the boys!
There was a storm that rolled through about 4 am and this boy got scared so he joined us in our bed...

And shortly after this cutie joined us too!

We had a full bed when we woke up!
Although I don't think Travis and I got much sleep after 4, I secretly loved it!
Here's to cleaning the floors and catching up on laundry on this gloomy Monday!
I'm hoping the weather improves and we get some sunshine!

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