Monday, April 3, 2017

Life Lately

I sat down to blog about our weekend and realized that I didn't take very many pictures of our weekend but I had quite a few from last week so here's a little life lately.
Last week this boy was home with me all week! I enjoyed it so much. We started off our Monday morning with coffee and donuts.
Our friend offered to take our picture and then sit with Peyton so I could take Colson to the bathroom! Thankful for small town friends that I know I can trust! ;)

I laid Peyton down on Colson's bed as I was getting him ready to take a nap and Colson begged me to let them sleep together. I knew it would never last did. They both fell asleep and I never left the bed in fear something would happen.
It made Colson's day and it made my Mama heart really happy!
GG sent the boys each a card with quarters in it. Colson loves when she does this!

Monday night I got sick and on Tuesday morning I was so sick that my mother-in-law watched both boys so I could go to the doctor. Turned out I had Mastitis. I seriously thought about giving up and switching to formula. But, when I got home and took a look at this cutie, I was so glad I didn't...

I never left the couch on Tuesday. It wasn't until Wednesday that I the antibiotics started to work. So many blessings have come from living with my in-laws. Being sick and having help is just one of them.

I'm going to say that 50% of the time I'm awake is spent like this.....nursing!
But I'm so grateful for it!!!

I told Colson that I would take him to the zoo during spring break. Tuesday was the perfect day to go and I was sick so I pulled myself together on Wednesday only to start driving over and having it rain! So, we went and got root beer floats instead.

Snuggles with my big while my little slept. Colson and I don't get a lot of one-on-one time anymore but I love it when the opportunity presents itself!

I've been trying really hard not to wash my hair everyday because it is so damaged. But, I hate not washing it so I'm trying to get creative with how I style it. I've been braiding it and I'm getting pretty good at the Dutch braid!

The boys and I braved the horrible rainstorm on Thursday. We went and saw the damn. It has so much water flowing through it and Colson thought it was awesome. I thought we just needed to get out of the house for a bit.

We've been building a lot of Legos. Chaos...

but good memories!

We love it when Dad gets home! Peyton has been a chatterbox lately and this night was no exception!

All three of my boys representing B&W!

Thursday night Peyton was awake and crying.....a lot! So Friday morning I started with Jesus and coffee. So thankful for both!

Saturday we spent all day at the house. Travis put together the nursery furniture and our beds. I cleaned all the cabinets inside and out. And this boy napped in his crib for the first time!

Yesterday was low-key. We all four went to Target and Home Depot and then home for naps.

Well, that's our life lately!
This week is going to be crazy! It's officially time to move! We have furniture being delivered, internet and tv being installed, and lots of boxes to unpack!

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